Many people associate winter with snowflakes. And in manicure, nail-art masters try to convey all the subtleties of the winter mood. The most popular option to depict a piece of winter on the nails, draw a snowflake on them. Or maybe not to draw? How about an applique or an unusual shape of snowflake? The more interesting and unusual it is to make a snowflake on your nails, the more original the manicure will be. It will be the envy of all girlfriends!

The nail service industry does not stand still. Over the past few years, a huge number of new, unusual materials have appeared to solve a lot of problems related to the nails. In particular – polygel, botl-gel, which allows you to align in a short time without filing. Many masters appreciate the fileber-gel, which contains small fibers of glass fibers and is used to repair and strengthen very weak nail plates. But all these products require drying in an ultraviolet lamp, except for the DIP-system.

If you ask any woman what matters the most in nails covering, she would probably state color and design. And even though monochrome nails are still somewhat popular, people tend to opt for art options on a frequent basis. However, when it comes to favourite colors, not much gets changed. Black and white will always be one of the favorite combinations of colors for many as it is both simple and intriguing.

For those still wondering how to make classic black and white manicure look stunning, our advice would be to add some silver to it. Whether in the form of glitter or just a shimmering substance, this nail polish will definitely be a game-changer and that is exactly what we want. Below in this article we will talk about different ways to combine three colors so that your look takes on new and unexpected flairs.

Tips On Experimenting With Black White And Silver Nails

Whether you like it or not, but to get out of that comfortzone in your appearance you have to dare to experiment. Switch on your fantasy and imagination and try to get detached from what you knew or saw. This would give you freedom of thought and thus may evoke brand new and unexpected designs in your head.

If you are not ready to make up nails designs on your own, we have prepared some cool ideas for you:

  • gradient nails: the ombre technique has become hugely popular recently and is definitely worth trying. Its basic principle is to smoothly transit from one color to another with the help of the makeup sponge. You can try to get that smooth transition from black near the root of the nail and to white on the tips of the nail;
  • zebra design: as simple as that. You will just have to use two colors and mix them in way that resembles the black and white stripes on zebra. Your base can be either black or white as this is totally up to you. For a rather shiny look, try to add silver where you feel it would fit appropriate;
  • half-moon nails: on your white base near the root of the nail you will have to put black nail polisher. Adding pearls or drop of silver color is an easy way to add some glam without being over the top.

To wrap things up, black and white are classic colors which will never be out of fashion. With a little bit of silver you will have a chance to stand out and better express your personality. This will also be true for when you are ready to add some art on your nails and are not afraid of experiments.