Many people associate winter with snowflakes. And in manicure, nail-art masters try to convey all the subtleties of the winter mood. The most popular option to depict a piece of winter on the nails, draw a snowflake on them. Or maybe not to draw? How about an applique or an unusual shape of snowflake? The more interesting and unusual it is to make a snowflake on your nails, the more original the manicure will be. It will be the envy of all girlfriends!

The nail service industry does not stand still. Over the past few years, a huge number of new, unusual materials have appeared to solve a lot of problems related to the nails. In particular – polygel, botl-gel, which allows you to align in a short time without filing. Many masters appreciate the fileber-gel, which contains small fibers of glass fibers and is used to repair and strengthen very weak nail plates. But all these products require drying in an ultraviolet lamp, except for the DIP-system.

For those endlessly devoted to French nails in their traditional version, it is sometimes necessary to try something new. And this new does not mean choosing other than classic manicure, but rather modify the classic version of it. Pink and white always work the best, however, for some occasions you may also want to try something new and more colorful. That is why we have come with several stylish ideas for you which will be especially popular in 2018.

It seems the motto of the fashion industry nowadays is to be different. Every girl and woman likes to experiment with her looks in order find what works the best for this very occasion or life period. Given that our looks reflect our inner states they have to be carefully selected and adapted to the one’s personality and preferences. This works just the same for nails even if we wear these for shorter periods of time.

Variations For Classic Pink And White French Nails

If you belong to the cohort of girls who would always prefer French to all other design solutions, this article is just for you. Below we will look at ways to vary the classic version and add it some new interesting flair.

Here are our suggestions which you as a manicure lover are more than welcome to try out:

  • Marble nails: experiment with painting your French tips with marble nail polisher of any color including but not limited to purple, light blue, or pink one. You may also add one fully marble nail on one or both hands to get even more unusual look.
  • French Fishnets: in case you love art on your nails, this idea may work best for you. What you need to do is to paint a fishnet on your bare nail and then add a French line.
  • Metallic look: get that oil spill or metallic nail polisher and put it just on the tips of your nails. You may leave the base natural or add some pink color to it. Play with colors and structures and you will never get bored of your nails!
  • Double lined: one line is good but two look better. If you are wondering where to put the second one, the answer is simple, try what looks best on your hands. Remember it is all about exploring new ideas and variants.

To sum it up, classic manicure will long stay one of the top pics of many girls owing to its naturally and effortlessly perfect look. However, comes the time when you get bored of the same nails all the time. That is where fantasy and art comes into play and help you diversify your day-to-day looks and turn them into a masterpiece.