Many people associate winter with snowflakes. And in manicure, nail-art masters try to convey all the subtleties of the winter mood. The most popular option to depict a piece of winter on the nails, draw a snowflake on them. Or maybe not to draw? How about an applique or an unusual shape of snowflake? The more interesting and unusual it is to make a snowflake on your nails, the more original the manicure will be. It will be the envy of all girlfriends!

The nail service industry does not stand still. Over the past few years, a huge number of new, unusual materials have appeared to solve a lot of problems related to the nails. In particular – polygel, botl-gel, which allows you to align in a short time without filing. Many masters appreciate the fileber-gel, which contains small fibers of glass fibers and is used to repair and strengthen very weak nail plates. But all these products require drying in an ultraviolet lamp, except for the DIP-system.

If you ask any woman what matters the most in nails covering, she would probably state color and design. And even though monochrome nails are still somewhat popular, people tend to opt for art options on a frequent basis. However, when it comes to favourite colors, not much gets changed. Black and white will always be one of the favorite combinations of colors for many as it is both simple and intriguing.

For those still wondering how to make classic black and white manicure look stunning, our advice would be to add some silver to it. Whether in the form of glitter or just a shimmering substance, this nail polish will definitely be a game-changer and that is exactly what we want. Below in this article we will talk about different ways to combine three colors so that your look takes on new and unexpected flairs.

Tips On Experimenting With Black White And Silver Nails

Whether you like it or not, but to get out of that comfortzone in your appearance you have to dare to experiment. Switch on your fantasy and imagination and try to get detached from what you knew or saw. This would give you freedom of thought and thus may evoke brand new and unexpected designs in your head.

If you are not ready to make up nails designs on your own, we have prepared some cool ideas for you:

  • gradient nails: the ombre technique has become hugely popular recently and is definitely worth trying. Its basic principle is to smoothly transit from one color to another with the help of the makeup sponge. You can try to get that smooth transition from black near the root of the nail and to white on the tips of the nail;
  • zebra design: as simple as that. You will just have to use two colors and mix them in way that resembles the black and white stripes on zebra. Your base can be either black or white as this is totally up to you. For a rather shiny look, try to add silver where you feel it would fit appropriate;
  • half-moon nails: on your white base near the root of the nail you will have to put black nail polisher. Adding pearls or drop of silver color is an easy way to add some glam without being over the top.

To wrap things up, black and white are classic colors which will never be out of fashion. With a little bit of silver you will have a chance to stand out and better express your personality. This will also be true for when you are ready to add some art on your nails and are not afraid of experiments.  

Eyes are the mirror of our souls. They reflect what we feel and what we want. Eyes make our faces look symmetric and more attractive. Blue as lagoon, green as forest, or hazel as earth, your eye color is only half of the deal. What makes eyes even more appealing and gripping depends on the make up we put on them. Whether natural or provoking, make up is what helps us shape what we want to show better and eyes are undoubtedly the most important part of it.

So for women in order to arrive at that ultimate appearance with the help of the makeup, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, which shadows would work best with your eye color. Secondly, how intense shall the make up for this very occasion be. And thirdly, if that is an evening look do you go smokey or stay natural? For the purposes of this article, we have prepared a few hints on how to achieve perfect smokey eyes with classic blue and gold eyeshadow.

Going Smokey: All You Have To Know

Blend of dark blue and shiny gold is always a good option for girls with any color of eyes. Undoubtedly, the combination of these colors should be applied in a certain sequence in order to get the awaited result. Below we suggest one of the most efficient to ways to apply these two eyeshadows and get an ultimately stunning smokey eyes look:

  • Step 1: begin by setting the boundaries for your makeup with a blue eyeliner. Draw with it a wing along your upper lashline and use this to set  the outer corners of the lower lashline;
  • Step 2: take the brush and smoothen the drawn lines evenly by blending the color from the center of your eye towards the outer corners;
  • Step 3: put some golden eyeshadow on your upper eyelid moving slowly from the center to the inner corners;
  • Step 4: use an angled brush and try to blend out the product on your lower lashline till it looks soft and naturally spread;
  • Step 5: look for places to add some more gold and this shimmery flair and do it. As you do want to shine, do not you?
  • Step 6: finish it up with a thick layer of black mascara. You may also curl your lashes beforehand to get better result.

Once finished, make sure that you look confident and self-assured to rock that makeup and let it smoothly integrate into your overall look. This is especially important since you do not want to feel uncomfortable or try to hide it. Be attentive to the way you feel and what your mood tells you. But always remember that makeup is one of the best ways to show to the world what you want but maybe not exactly what you really feel deep inside.

For those endlessly devoted to French nails in their traditional version, it is sometimes necessary to try something new. And this new does not mean choosing other than classic manicure, but rather modify the classic version of it. Pink and white always work the best, however, for some occasions you may also want to try something new and more colorful. That is why we have come with several stylish ideas for you which will be especially popular in 2018.

It seems the motto of the fashion industry nowadays is to be different. Every girl and woman likes to experiment with her looks in order find what works the best for this very occasion or life period. Given that our looks reflect our inner states they have to be carefully selected and adapted to the one’s personality and preferences. This works just the same for nails even if we wear these for shorter periods of time.

Variations For Classic Pink And White French Nails

If you belong to the cohort of girls who would always prefer French to all other design solutions, this article is just for you. Below we will look at ways to vary the classic version and add it some new interesting flair.

Here are our suggestions which you as a manicure lover are more than welcome to try out:

  • Marble nails: experiment with painting your French tips with marble nail polisher of any color including but not limited to purple, light blue, or pink one. You may also add one fully marble nail on one or both hands to get even more unusual look.
  • French Fishnets: in case you love art on your nails, this idea may work best for you. What you need to do is to paint a fishnet on your bare nail and then add a French line.
  • Metallic look: get that oil spill or metallic nail polisher and put it just on the tips of your nails. You may leave the base natural or add some pink color to it. Play with colors and structures and you will never get bored of your nails!
  • Double lined: one line is good but two look better. If you are wondering where to put the second one, the answer is simple, try what looks best on your hands. Remember it is all about exploring new ideas and variants.

To sum it up, classic manicure will long stay one of the top pics of many girls owing to its naturally and effortlessly perfect look. However, comes the time when you get bored of the same nails all the time. That is where fantasy and art comes into play and help you diversify your day-to-day looks and turn them into a masterpiece.

One may say that to look good you have to work for it really hard. This is, however, only partially true. Some women look stunning owing to their inner state and positive mindset allowing them to shine bright every day. This also gives them freedom to make bold choices as to their appearances. However, even if your inner state dictates your external appearance all the time, you may always add some brave and colorful strokes by highlighting hair and playing with colors therefor.

There is definitely nothing more exciting than trying new things out. Women and girls know this the best as they tend to experiment with their looks more often than men do. Therefore, dying hair in new bright shades or changing a hairstyle every 6 months helps females on  their life-long journey to the ultimate understanding of their beauty and uniqueness. In this article, we will give you a couple of ideas on how to add some color to your life through bold hair color choices.

Ideas For Blonde Hair With Purple Highlights Underneath

Fair women perfectly know how to shine and look absolutely stunning. However, sometimes even they want to add some new shades to their looks and hair usually falls first within their sight. Therefore, if you are looking for some new ideas on how to ring changes, that is what we have prepared for you:

  • royal purple and pink romance: by mixing a couple of pinkish and purplish colors on your blonde hair you will definitely arrive at the look which will leave people around you speechless. This choice is both romantic and bold and will suit self-confident and tender girls;
  • dusty lilac dream hair: in case your hair is rather of gray shadow, you will love this one! Imagine these two colors closely intertwining all over your hair while still leaving your gray hair color visible. There is only one disadvantage of this look, you will definitely have to see your colorist more often;
  • purple peek-a-boo: for those not ready to go all the way with their color choice, dying only some strands of hair will work the best. A peek-a-boo technique allows to show off a pop of color without the commitment of an all over color;
  • pink-a-boo: a funny name for a funny hairstyle. If you wish to play with your hairstyle variations, you are more likely to opt for this one. The technique here is as follows: your side hair right under the top hair gets dyed in bright pink or purple and only the way you style it determines how much of color will be seen.


To sum it up, experiments helps us find what fits our personalities and bodies the best. This also works for hair dying. Once you decide to change something in the way you look and go for a bolder color, we advise you to consider one of our suggestions. These will suit a majority of girls and women while also allow for self-expression as everyone may modify the classic looks with their own ideas.

Looking great in many cases implies feeling great. Inner state is something that usually impacts the way women look. If you are confident in yourself, you will most definitely look confident. If you feel relaxed though firm that is how people around you are likely to perceive you. However, when your mood or state in this very moment is not the best one, your appearance may help hide how you truly feel and help you cope with daily difficulties.

Many women see colors as the way to brighten their lives and bring a rather positive mood. That is exactly why girls experiment with nail polish colors as well as with their hair choices. Haircut in combination with a hairstyle can tell a lot about your personality and character and therefore shall be carefully chosen. For those with short thick hair, different coloring options always work the best. In this article we will talk about adding some colorful highlights to make your hair look brighter and your mood becoming better!

Purple Highlights On Short Hair Ideas

There is obviously a variety of colors which may be added to your hairstyle, however, purple is a particular one and deserves special attention. Why so? Because this color looks good on blonde as well as dark hair of any length and thickness. For you to be able to make the right choice and select the hairstyle which would suit you the best. Below are the top suggestions for adding purple highlights, make sure to consider them when going to the barber’s shop.

Best purple highlight hairstyles for short hair:

  • peacock hairstyle: who does not admire the mix of purple and blue on the dark hair? This does not only look classy but also allows you to play with setting of hair options. This subtle look also works if you need to look professional and serious in some occasions;
  • purple hidden highlights: if going all the colorful way is not exactly for you, add some mystery with the hidden highlights. Pick a section from underneath your top hair and experiment. If you want to show more color, make a ponytail or an updo and get ready to impress people!
  • lavender balayage highlights: for those obsessed lavender fans, this highlight color will not only bring you joy but also remind you of how much this plant is beautiful;
  • purple and pink ombre highlights: in case you are nothing but a shy girl, adding some pink and purple may be the most rebellious option. This combination of color will add your generall look fleur of freedom and independence while also draw attention of men.

All in all, adding some color to the basic things in one’s appearance is the best way to stand out in the crowd as well as express oneself. For those who are especially in love with lilac, lavender or mauve shades of purple, adding some highlights can prove to be a right decision. Whether you are blonde or brunette, these color palette will work for you, so make sure to try it out!